Port Hope

I stopped in Port Hope on the way back from Toronto as I was thirsty, tired, hot, needed a bathroom and the breakwater was right in front of me.

Port Hope is a cool name – it’s a little town on the edge of Lake Ontario, about halfway between Toronto and Kingston.

The right…

The left…

And me in the middle

The image below puts things into perspective – it’s linked to a much larger version.

I happened to be in Port Hope as I took the slower and quieter Highway 2 instead of the 401, which is busy, busy, smelly and busy. The point here is that sometimes the fastest route is not necessarily the best route.

Sometime, however, the fastest is the best and perhaps the only way to get from A to B or Toronto to wherever you are going. Knowing the route to take is the key and is something that experience will often guide you toward.


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