From Stem to Stern

The stem is the very most forward part of a boat or ship’s bow and is an extension of the keel itself and curves up to the wale of the boat. The stem is more often found on wooden boats or ships, but not exclusively. The stem is part of the physical structure of a wooden boat or ship that gives it strength at the critical section of the structure, bringing together the port and starboard side planks of the hull.



In plain language, the stem is the pointy end and the stern is the blunt end. Above, stem. Below, stern.




Between the stem and the stern you can see the Close In Weapon System on top of the g=hanger, and the top of the ship.s mast.


And people…


HMCS Montreal in Hamilton, Ontario.


HMCS Montréal (FFH 336) is a Halifax-class frigate that has served in the Canadian Forces since 1993. Montréal is the seventh ship in her class which is based on the Canadian Patrol Frigate Project. She is the second vessel to carry the designation HMCS Montreal.

Montréal was laid down on 8 February 1991 at Saint John Shipbuilding Ltd., Saint John and launched on 28 February 1992. She was officially commissioned into the CF on 29 September 1993.


And then the money maker, which may not look like one but it is an image that can not be acquired with a normal camera due to the physical location of the ships and the geometry between them. It’s linked to a larger version…


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