The old and the new

HMCS Montreal and HMCS Haida at Hamilton Ontario – Montreal being the new, and Haida the old. All images are linked to larger versions.

HMCS Montreal

Montreal was commissioned on 29 September 1993, Haida on 30 August 1943.

Haida was among the first batch of Tribal class destroyers ordered by the RCN in 1940-1941. The RCN based this order upon the successful use of the Tribals in the RN during the early years of World War II and the vessels were ordered with modified ventilation and heating systems for North Atlantic winter service. Haida’s design was modified after deficiencies were noted in the lead ship of the Canadian Tribals, HMCS Iroquois.

Montreal is the 7th of twelve Halifax class frigates. All ships of the class are named after major Canadian cities, with at least one from each province (Ontario and Quebec, the most populous provinces, have two each). They are sometimes referred to as ‘City’-class vessels.

Canadian Navy - HMCS Haida

Above and below, Montreal to the left, and Haida to the right.

Hamilton Ontario

Haida appears to be curved in the 185° panoramic image.

panoramic - HMCS Montreal

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