On parade

I normally end up at military parades where there are a few hundred men and women marching about – sometimes there are smaller unit parades with maybe a hundred, and then some that are much smaller.


The smaller ones are often quite powerful, as in the case of the 10 men and women from the 8 Wing Telecommunications and Information Systems Squadron (8 TIS Sqn) who formed the marching contingent in the Remembrance Day Parade in Norwood Ontario.


The Ops Flight Officer and the Technical Service Master Warrant Officer (MWO) laid a wreath at the cenotaph on behalf of 8 Wing/CFB Trenton. Out of sight were two members of Workshops who set up the sound system – two people who were the first to arrive and last to leave.



There was one more person from 8 TIS Sqn – someone who was not on parade, was not required to attend, but did so out of a sense of ‘being the right thing for a person in uniform to do…’

Her husband was on parade – he was marching with the other 9 members from his unit. His uniform was immaculate, his boots shone to perfection – his appearance inspection ready, his demeanour exactly what one would expect from a professional.

Her boots were also glistening, and the uniform that she did not have to wear, was also immaculate. A young woman who could have stayed home instead of standing outside on a cold Novembers day that saw flakes of snow falling.

A mother who walked the parade route with her young son, pushed the stroller that carried her tiny baby daughter…


That’s something to think about – the sense of duty and pride quietly displayed by men and women in uniform, a sense of duty and pride manifested in very powerful ways that are at the same time likely not noticed or understood by many.

That’s part of Remembrance Day…

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