The sign

The fine folks at Quinte West came up with the idea for a pretty good marketing tool – place a huge sign in view of the 401. It’s a pretty sign, highly visible, and as shown below, illuminated at night.


I was driving along Hamilton Road (a gentler alternative to the 401) on a foggy night when I saw a large, glowing light in the horizon -  like a moth drawn to a candle, I had to check it out. Okay – so, I’m a bit snoopy.

Going down a small dirt road I came to the back of the illuminated Quinte West sign.



I was not planning on taking pictures so I had left my cameras at home and only had my smart phone – silly me, and was not planning on trekking around in a field of mud so I was just wearing my crocs – silly me again.

The pictures turned out okay, but I will go back and with a tripod, cameras and boots and take some more pictures of this sign – maybe do a panorama or a time lapse. I think a time lapse with the tourism people popping up here and there would be cool.

I might just wait until it’s a bit drier out as well…


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