A new year thought

I’m not big on pithy and trite resolutions for the new year – nope, they are largely over emotional, and almost always soon discarded for one reason or another.

Instead, I will present three images that involve snow, a theme that is rather fitting as while I had a green and wet Christmas, the was plenty of snow for New Years eve and day.

CP Canadian Pacific

If you look at the image above you could correctly surmise that while there are two tracks, the mighty locomotives can only travel on the track that they are one. Like people, they can go forward, they can go back, but they can’t reach the track that is so close.

If they choose to go ahead they will be presented with a series of choices that lead to a selection of paths that they can travel down, however, they can stay on the same track and plough straight ahead. Sometimes that’s a a good idea, sometimes it’s an opportunity missed. Either way it’s part of an adventure.

CP Canadian Pacific

The image below shows the ice starting to freeze over the Bay of Quinte. It’s a pretty sight, but at the same time it’s annoying to the boaters who can’t boat because there is too much ice, and annoying to the ice fishermen who can’t fish because there is not enough ice. With a bit of time, the ice will form and then again melt, in turn allowing both activities to take place.

You could look at this scene and say that you can go down stream onto the Bay of Quinte or head back up stream into the Trenton Marina – you could also discover that you can head across the bay and toward Bellevile, over toward Carrying Place and the mouth of the Murray Canal or take a long trip around to Picton, Sandbanks or as far as Toronto or Kingston.

You could also just walk out onto the ice, do a few circles on your snow machine, sail around the little island on your boat or do a bit of water skiing – many things are possible over time, giving a bit of inspiration, imagination, and ambition.

Bay of Quinte

Yes – I wrote ‘three’ images and yet here is the fourth, as it is perhaps the most important of them all as it’s message is quite simple: get outdoors, enjoy life, live each moment with an open mind, and eyes wide open…chocies

Happy New Year.

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