My favourite things

A few of my favourite things, most of which I have slowly acquired after starting over from scratch, with nothing but the clothes on my back, three times over the past years.

Some old tins from an old garage across the road – sadly the garage closed and a piece of history again faded away, with a few exceptions including the three tins. The little stained glass sailboat is a reminder of how much I love the water and sailing. The Phillip’s bottle is one of the old jars that I casually collect as fate, finances and fortune dictate – it’s also blue glass, something that I like.

An old cigarette tin, a fishing knife, a crab claw and a shell – outdoors combined with age.

The wood bit is a handle from an old German hand grenade.

The little shelf that these treasures of mine are resting on is beat up, as in old and distressed and imperfect – sort of like me, yet quite appropriate for my treasures that are largely visible for me and otherwise hidden from sight.

An old tobacco tin and some more bottles – patent medicine bottles are among my favourites as they are quirky, quacky and quaint.

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  1. connie-Lou says:

    years and years ago I had an old Prince Albert
    tobacco tin that I gave to one of my children that had a lot of old coins in it. I have no idea what became of it.

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