Yellow Bird

The CH-146 Griffon helicopter is a Utility Transport Tactical Helicopter (UTTH) used primarily for search and rescue (SAR) missions, tactical transport and humanitarian relief operations. The Griffon features GPS satellite navigation and Doppler radar systems. It is equipped with a hoist that enables it to extract people and cargo from almost any terrain.

CH-146 Griffon helicopter

This Griffon is one of the aircraft at 424 (Tiger) Squadron, a Search and Rescue/Transport Squadron working out of #9 Hangar at 8 Wing/CFB Trenton. 424 Squadron flies the CH-146 Griffon helicopter and the Lockheed CC-130 Hercules.

CH-146 Griffon helicopter

424 Squadron is responsible for the 10,000,000 square kilometers of the Trenton Search and Rescue Region comprising most of the Province of Quebec, all of Ontario, the Prairie Provinces and the entire Arctic.

424 (Tiger) Squadron

The Squadron crews one Aircraft of each type on a 30 minute standby response posture during normal working hours and on a two hour posture at all other times in order to respond to distress cases as tasked by the Rescue Coordination Centre.

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