Birds On The Trent

I stopped to look at some birds that were sitting on a frozen section of the Trent River downstream of the CP train bridge in Trenton, Ontario. It’s a pretty spot, a small yet very popular section of the Jack Lange Memorial Trail that offers a boat launching ramp that is used as the transition point from kayaking and canoeing to road biking during the 8 Wing/CFB Trenton  Surf N Turf Relay Race. It’s also one of the Lower Trent conservation areas.

Lower Trent conservation Trenton Ontario

Lower Trent conservation Trenton Ontario

Trent River Trenton Ontario

Lower Trent Conservation is a community-based environmental agency that protects, restores and manages the natural resources within its watershed, so you can probably imagine that I was pretty darn cheesed to be able to count 11 pieces of recyclable material that people had tossed in the reeds and grasses beside the trail, right at the edge of the river.

Jack Lange Memorial Trail Trent River Trenton

You can view a panoramic VR image of the area, and count the trash for yourself…

170° Flash 1.06 MB
170° Quick Time 842 KB

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