Some new treasures

I have a treasured shelf that is home to some treasures that I have acquired over the past few years. The shelf, and the objects on it, tell their own story and reveal a little bit of my geeky side.

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The shelf is a beat up wood shelf that was made by hand, and probably painted at least four times. It’s not a fancy shelf, put it’s sturdy and I know by looking at it that a lot of love went into the shelf. I also know the history of the shelf as it was given to me by a neighbour as was cleaning out her home, and the garage that she and her husband ran until he passed away.

They call it downsizing.

I’ve had to downsize a few times – once when my marriage ended, once when my apartment burnt down, once when a long term relationship ended, and then once again when I moved across the country.

Down sizing – you have to leave a lot of stuff behind – you leave behind things that were in all likelihood, quite important at one time.

My shelf was important to someone, the objects on it were important to someone. Each has it’s own story and it’s own history, together they tell a story about me and provide a small glimpse into my past.

They are all treasured, as are my memories – not for their retail value, but for their intrinsic value.

And that is enough about me for today…

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