CBC Museum

I ventured into the CBC headquarters in Toronto to visit the CBC museum before it goes the way of the penny and becomes another faded memory as the Harper government dismantles Canada piece by piece.


I was a wee bit disappointed as much of the heritage and history of CBC was missing, and the museum seemed to focus on children’s shows, old microphones, and special effects – nothing edgy, punchy, or gritty.



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  1. fb says:

    Great photos! The place is unchanged!! I worked at the CBC museum as coordinator from 1994 – 2007. The exhibition space created for the Museum was never adequate to tell CBC’s history. We made an effort to deal with this challenge by rotating exhibitions. The installations currently on display were installed in 2003. Some even date back to 1994. The next time you are in the building you can check out a small gallery, “The Ivan Harris Gallery”, located on the lower of the Front St. Lobby. The installation and equipment on display there share a few more stories and was installed in 2005. It is truly unfortunate that the CBC did not embrace the opportunity to share its history. Throughout the museum’s operation, managers wrestled with the fact that the museum fell outside their mandate until they could no longer justify the modest investment.

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