The hill of stupidity

I thought this little hill would be an interesting place to take a few pictures, as it is one of the higher areas in Trenton, and it’s one of the few areas that are still in somewhat of a natural state.

As it turned out, the area is largely boring and the images I shot ended up in the trash bin – except for this one.

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I don’t particularly like this image and to be frank, I’m just using it to illustrate a this posting.

This little hill off of Curtis Road in Trenton (Quinte West) is a favourite haunt of the military police – not because there is trouble on the hill, but because the military police are itching for trouble. They enjoy roaring around the area with lights flashing and sirens blaring, making great clouds of dust and flying gravel as they head up the hill to ask what people are doing on this pretty hill.

A hill that you would not know is property of the Department of National Defence, as it is in no way marked as such.

If you happen to be driving on Curtis Road you’re likely to at some point encounter the same flashing lights and blaring sirens as these cowboy cops pursue you for serious offences such as having burnt out licence plate lights. These are the same people that jump out at motorists in the drive through at Tim Horton’s – one hand on their service weapon, the other on the radio as they call for backup while yelling J’accuse! because people have taken their seatbelt off to reach for their wallets.

Yes, the hill of stupidity…

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