The pallet project

I had a few wood pallets kicking about, the free type that were dragged home to become firewood for use at local campsites or in the 17 Brick Rocket Stove that is residing in my rock garden – destined to go up in smoke until…recycling,reusing,projects,pallets

Until I thought that I could take some of the longer pieces of salvaged wood and use them to create this section of divider that comes off the storm entrance and extends into the drive way. A little fence sort of thing that adds a bit of privacy and makes a nice place to rest a fossil, a bottle of beer, or a lantern.

Then I thought that I could take some of the shorter pieces of wood and make a nice little box to sit the lantern in. A little shelf sort of thing that looks pretty and stop the lantern from getting blown off in a storm or knocked off by accident.

The tire is not the sort of thing that normally lays around, but it managed to develop a slow leak, my big compressor decided not to compress and I forgot to put the garden hose away after I repaired a leak in it.

Anyhow – my projects…

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