The warehouse

I frequently walk or ride past a small piece of the forgotten industrial history that makes up much of Ontario – an old warehouse that I call ‘the zombie factory’.HDR,high dynamic range,industrial,Quinte West,Trenton

Camera in hand, I walk around the building, observing the never ending cycle of repair vandalism, and the way that nature interacts with what was once a tidy building. HDR,high dynamic range,industrial,Quinte West,Trenton

The light was fading as I took these images, the bright acute angles of the day being replaced by a long light that is both wonderful and terrible for photography.

HDR,high dynamic range,industrial,Quinte West,Trenton

I looked into the mysterious warehouse through a recently broken window in one of the warehouse doors – you can bet your socks that I did as I have not been able to find any information about the building or the nefarious activities that surely must go on within it.HDR,high dynamic range,industrial,Quinte West,Trenton

The fading light presented a photographic dilemma, as the areas closest to me were illuminated much brighter than the areas farther away. Shown below, you can see what happens when the camera is allowed to set the proper exposure for different areas – three images that are not great as they have areas that are blown out (too light) or way too dark.

HDR,high dynamic range,industrial,Quinte West,Trenton

The answer is High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR), a bit of trickery where the three images are combined to make one image that has all three areas properly exposed. At least that’s the theory…

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