A World of Colour

I was messing about in the garden area yesterday, not really doing much other than enjoying the warmth of the sun and the crisp air. I did have a camera at hand though, just in case I saw something that was worthy of a bit of my time at the moment and a bit more later looking at the images I shot.

I was not expecting much of the first image as it was just my wicker angel that I had adorned with a pretty purple lei. I was quite pleased by how the the image turned out, partly for the colour, but also because i think it looks like she is flying around using a jet pack. In my mind a jet pack would be cool, especially if I had a few errands to take care of or I wanted to impress the girls at the bridge club.

flowers,depth of field, angel,crativity,purple,photography

flowers,depth of field, angel,crativity,purple,photography

These two images are pretty for the colour, but they’re also pretty much run of the mill “oh look at the beautiful flower Martha” images. I don’t know a Martha and I don’t know what type of flower these are – I just like the images as they are a good example of how light, colour, and depth of field can be used in a creative manner.

As with my angel and her purple lei, creativity is what I consider to be the spice of life, the reason to actually go out and experience the world in a way that is right for each of us as individuals instead of staying home, eating a TV dinner and colouring within the lines.

flowers,depth of field, angel,crativity,purple,photography

All images © 2012 CKB

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