CH-113A Labrador

Of the four helicopters at the National Air Force Museum of Canada, one is a CH-135 Bell Twin Huey painted in white United Nations colours, one is a CH-135 Bell Kiowa painted to honour both the Kiowa and 408 Squadron’s contribution to the Canadian Forces.

The other two are painted in the yellow Search And Rescue colour scheme.

The smaller of the two SAR helicopters is a Bell Iroquois, CH-118.

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The larger helicopter is a CH-113A Labrador, a Boeing-Vertol Model 107-II-28 renumbered from Canadian Army 10415. It was one of the Royal Canadian Air Force search and rescue Labradors that was modified during the Search and Rescue Capability Upgrade Program (SAR-CUP), that saw it fitted with new instrumentation, a nose-mounted weather radar, tail-mounted auxiliary power unit, an improved high-speed rescue hoist mounted over the side door and front-mounted searchlights.A total of six CH-113s and five CH-113As were upgraded with the last delivered in 1984.

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