A great day for chili

I stopped in at Batawa Ski Hill for their 5th annual chilli contest, and of course to enjoy the fall colours.The guys from Quinte West fire station 5 brought some tools of their trade, some huge smiles – and some chilli that was really tasty.


Batawa has a wonderful community spirit, and on this day, I met the woman who is a cornerstone of that community – Mrs Sonja Bata.


As Directors of the Bata Shoe Company, Mrs Bata and her husband Thomas, the company’s founder, sat at the helm of this world-wide family company until its chairmanship was handed over to their son, Thomas Junior. Mrs. Bata sits as Vice Chairmen of the Bata Shoe Foundation and the founding Chairman of the Bata Shoe Museum.

Her passion for design and love of the planning process combined with her affection for the community that bears her family name and welcomed her as a young bride, motivated her to launch the Batawa Development Corporation as its founding Chairman in 2005.

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