The big picture

Quinte West,Bay Of Quinte,Trenton,panoramic,panorama,naure,outdoors

Sometimes we need to focus on a small aspect of life in order to understand it. Sometimes we need to step back a bit to understand how seemingly significant things fit into the big picture.

I like to look at aspects of my life in terms of the larger picture, but at the same time, doing so from with an understanding of how things fit together, how they interact, and how the effect me. With nature though, we don’t need an in depth knowledge to appreciate and enjoy what we see.

It’s a pretty darn good idea to have a knowledge of the hazards, currents, and lockage hours if you’re navigating your boat up the Trent from the Bay of Quinte, and then up the Trent Severn waterway. If you’re sitting on the shores of the Bay of Quinte or Lake Ontario, well, what do you need to really know to enjoy the view?

Sometimes the big picture is just that, sometimes it’s the result of many tightly focused views…

Quinte West,Bay Of Quinte,Trenton,panoramic,panorama,naure,outdoors

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