The mysterious cans

A nice winter day finds me walking about on the trails at the HR Frink Outdoor Education Centre – that’s not surprising as I love walking about on trails, even in the middle of the winter. Well, if this is actually the winter, which is in fact a question as although this was the 9th of December, there is no snow and the range of dates that comprise winter is somewhat ambiguous at times.

Anyhow, I was walking about when I spotted several large piles of cans and bottles.

Frink,nature,outdoors,conservation,HR Frink Outdoor Education Centre

I think that these look like evaporated milk cans – the stuff that some people like to put in their coffee. The cans also have two holes punched in the top, which is exactly how my maternal grandparents opened this type of tin. Punch, punch, pour it in…

Frink,nature,outdoors,conservation,HR Frink Outdoor Education Centre

It’s a mystery how these cans came to be here on the north end of the Horsetail trail, so I asked, and the fine people at Frink informed me that:

The cans, bottles, etc you see along the old fence line was the garbage left by the residents of the old homestead near the road. This would date back more than 55 years and speaks of a time when people needed to dispose of their own waste.

Images by Katherine © 2012 CKB


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