Just add water


I was messing around with some dried beans, experimenting with different ways to rehydrate them, when for some strange reason felt compelled to take a picture of these beans that had been soaking a jar of water for a day.

I usually have a camera or two kicking around in the kitchen (no , they don’t actually kick…) so I grabbed my PPN (Purple Purse Nikon) and shot a few pictures of the beans. The PPN is not a great choice of camera for this type of photography as the range of control over what the camera does is limited, which is pretty much the entire point of this type of camera – take great pictures and prevent the user from messing things up.

I don’t mind the lack of control as this camera is about 1/30th of the cost, size and weight of one of my big Nikon cameras so I’m willing to toss it in my purse, backpack, or take it into a cave, canoe or other crazy place like up the mast of a 45 foot sailboat in a squall. Having a little camera is better than no camera.

Getting back to the bean picture, it was actually not easy to get a good close up picture of beans in a jar as the it was a cloudy day and the light in the kitchen was low enough that the camera wanted to use it’s built in flash. The flash can be turned off, but then the correct exposure requires a shutter speed of 1/4 second, which is in okay when you mount the camera on a tripod, but pretty much smack in the ‘not likely’ zone when you’re holding the camera.

Pretty much is not the same thing as always, absolutely or totally – nope, and as you can see, I managed to get an acceptable shot of my beans. The beans, by the way, were tossed in the compost bin a few days later as I forgot them and they started to ferment. Ick.

Such is life.

Images by Katherine © 2013 CKB

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