Winter Water – Bata Island

The actual name of the Island is in dispute as it is known as Bata Island, Sill Island, and Sills Island. I’m leaning toward Sills Island as it is just upstream of Sills Island Generating Station, Ontario Power Generation’s second oldest remaining plant. The plant, built in 1900, is antedated only by DeCew Falls No. 1 which was built in 1898 on the Welland Canal.

Bata Island,Sill Island,Trent Severn,OPG,Sills Island

Above, looking upstream – below, looking downstream toward the generating station

Bata Island,Sill Island,Trent Severn,OPG,Sills Island

The plant was originally used as an open pit setting for two small turbines which operated the G.E. Sills Paper Mill. Installation of the third unit was originally planned for when the turbines were no longer in operation but was never carried out.

Bata Island,Sill Island,Trent Severn,OPG,Sills Island

Anyhow, the structure that I am walking across is just upstream of the generating plant, and is one of the two sections of the Trent river that can be blocked off by forming coffer dams.

Images and video by Katherine © 2013 CKB

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