Batawa – a bit of Op Connection

Op Connection I really enjoy covering and participating in events that are sanctioned under Operation Connection, a Canadian Forces wide initiative, directed by the Chief of Defence Staff, intended to bring dividends to the organization and increase public knowledge of CF’s roles and responsibilities at home and abroad.

The Edmonton Indy and Capital Ex, Toronto Pride. the Canadian National and Pacific National Exhibitions, Canada celebrations in Vancouver and Toronto, open house tours of ships in Victoria and on the Great Lakes, and many other events have had displays and marching contingents that feature the men and women of the Canadian Forces. Op Connection is perhaps one of the most effective vehicles for placing the Canadian Forces in a positive light.

Yesterday was a bit of off hours Op Connection, one that involved a different type of vehicle – instead of a ship, jet, cargo plane, or tank, we had a tracked snow grooming,Batawa Ski Hill,snow,snow blowing,snow making,ski,time lapse,Op Connection,8 Wing,CFB Trenton A retired member of the Canadian Army who is now working at CFB Trenton as a mobile support equipment operator, Austin Watts has been volunteering at Batawa Ski Hill for almost 20 years, as a ski instructor and operator of the Piston Bully groomer.

My part in this comes about as I was the rigging and the exterior mounted video cameras, and sitting in the passenger seat with an assortment of cameras while Austin pushed fresh snow into the perfect locations, and then carefully groomed it to create ski and snow boarding runs.

video,Batawa Ski Hill,snow,snow blowing,snow making,ski,time lapse,Op Connection,8 Wing,GoPro,CFB Trenton

Everyone wins in these situations – Batawa Ski Hill is shown as being ready and exciting, one of the many  community minded men and women from 8 Wing/CFB Trenton is highlighted, and I had the most amazing (and bumpy) ride.

Images by Katherine © 2013 CKB

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