A deadly fishery?

Cameco,Port Hope,Uranium,Lake Ontario

People fishing at Port Hope – not a big deal as people like to fish in Ontario, especially on rivers that flow  into Lake Ontario.Cameco,Port Hope,Uranium,Lake Ontario

Unfortunately, there’s a deadly neighbour behind them and if you know about the history of uranium in Port Hope you’ll understand all too well why I would not fish here or eat fish from here.

It’s Cameco:

  • the only uranium conversion facility in Canada and one of only four in the western world
  • facilities include uranium dioxide (UO2) and uranium hexafluoride (UF6) processing plants and technology development laboratories
  • the only supplier of UO2 for Canadian-made Candu reactors
  • licensed to produce 12,500 tonnes uranium per year as UF6and 2,800 tonnes uranium per year as UO2
  • the only uranium conversion facility that uses a wet process to make uranium tetrafluoride (UF4) from UO2.

Cameco,Port Hope,Uranium,Lake Ontario

And now you know…

Images by Katherine © 2013 CKB

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