Darlington – the old house


I stopped to take a look at the foundations of an old barn, and wound up looking at this old house that was partially burned, partially vandalized, and pretty much forgotten.


I see a lot of this in Ontario – houses that were once homes, full of people, full of dreams, full of laughter and tears.


Progress may be the devil in some of these cases as many of these buildings relied on dug wells and outhouses – central heating, gas fired hot water tanks, and even indoor plumbing was often not available.Darlington,farms,history,outhouse Darlington,farms,history

Then I saw the work in progress at Darlington Nuclear – it’s in the background and I doubt that it has anything to do with the demise of what was once a farm of some sort. It’s just kind of ironic, and rather sad.

Darlington,farms,history,Darlington Nuclear

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