Back Roads Ontario – Three barns

This was one of those days where I decided to take a road that I had not been down before, just to see what was there to see. It’s that combination of time and curiosity, mixed with a faint hope that there might be something really interesting. Anyhow – this road was in Smithfield, Ontario, between Trenton and Brighton.

back roads,history,barns,Ontario

The first barn might have had a purpose at one time, but it was in an open field that seemed more like a manicured golf course than anything else. I would have chucked this picture if not for the honking big bird that decided to land just as I took the picture.

back roads,history,barns,Ontario

This barn is interesting but it’s in a lousy location, with a bunch of houses visible behind it – such is the way in many areas where fertile and valuable farming land is being converted into housing developments.

back roads,history,barns,Ontario,Smithfield

The final picture is almost too pretty for my liking – I like old barns that are weathered and a bit past their prime. Barns and buildings that are largely forgotten and crumbling over time.

All in all, three barns that were interesting enough, but otherwise blah.

Such is life – you win some, you loose some, sometimes it’s a draw…

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