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We had a rare bit of spare time so we headed out to Smithfield on a train watching expedition – Smithfield is one of those places that’s smack dab in the middle of nowhere but it’s a great place to watch trains as the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National lines are about 60 feet apart.

Perfect – we parked in between the CP and CN tracks and watched some trains thunder by.

trains,life,train watching,Canadian Pacific,CP

On the way back home I wanted to stop and shoot some time lapse video, so we stopped so I could shoot some time lapse video. Other than the thrill of trying to avoid being flattened by a train, truck, car or meteorite, this is a relatively boring process once the equipment is set up, so I often reflect upon life or mess about with a handy dandy Nikon pocket camera.

In this case decided to shoot a nice reflective still life picture.

trains,life,train watching,Canadian Pacific,CP

And using another one of my handy dandy Nikon pocket cameras, I shot this picture of me taking a picture of my reflection as I reflected upon how long I have had my pirate kitty top and how well it has survived the years.

I did not bother to reflect on why I had two identical Nikon pocket cameras with me instead of a spare battery for one of them. Nope… never entered my mind, but I did admire my pirate kitty top as I made it myself, about nine years ago.

trains,life,train watching,Canadian Pacific,CP

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