Presqu’ile light

Presqu'ile Provincial Park,lighthouse

Presqu’ile light is a pretty place to visit but I’m really tired of the $15 day use fee that is collected by Ontario Provincial Parks. My answer is to head in the back way where it is free, which is awesome, but it does mean that I am being a “bad” person.

The same goes for North Beach and Sandbank and Ferris – nice places but not worth the day use cost.

Presqu'ile Provincial Park,lighthouse 

As a result, I spend less time at the park, and no money at the gift store in the interpretive centre or at the park store. I’d gladly buy a couple of ice cream cones if not for the fact that it would cost me well over $20 for them.

That’s a shame, as the provincial parks should be affordable for families.

Presqu'ile Provincial Park,lighthouse

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3 Responses to Presqu’ile light

  1. shy says:

    wow – how much was each ice cream cone?

    if you ever go to darlington provincial park, while i love presquile as a park more, the ice cream there’s only $2 for each massive, 2-scoop cone! and the flavours are amazing.

    but same as presquile and other places – $15 per vehicle for day use. we rarely go for just the day though – camping is about $80 for 2 nights. it’s still the most economical way for a family to go on vacation.

    • Katherine says:

      The campsites at the Parks of the St Lawrence are a bargain compared to the Ontario provincial parks.

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