The Walter Gray

ferry,New Brunswick,the Walter Gray

The small deck ferry Joshua Slocum was built in Halifax in 1973 by Halifax Metal Workers for the Minister of Highways. It  entered service on the short run between East Ferry, and Tiverton, Digby, County. Fitted with twin steerable props – one at each end, it could carry 15 cars (or a combination of trucks, school buses and cars). At each end of the run it would shove its own ramp onto a ramp on the shore to load or unload. The ferry operated until 2004 when it was replaced by the Petite Princess.

ferry,New Brunswick,the Walter Gray

The ferry was purchased by Beaver Marine, laid up at Point Tupper, and then Letete, new Brunswick. It was then converted  for fish farming use, renamed The Lost Joshua, and later The Walter Gray.

The Walter Gray sailed on the evening of September 24, 2012 for it’s new home at Port aux Basques, Newfoundland.

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