Drews Head Lighthouse

In 1874 the The New Brunswick parliament appropriated funds for a lighthouse at Beaver Harbour, Charlotte County, to guide vessels into Beaver Harbour, which was frequently resorted to as a harbour of refuge. A site at Lighthouse Point on Drews Head, just south of the harbour, was purchased from Lewis Holmes at a cost of $100.

Drews Head Lighthouse,Beaver Harbour,New Brunswick

Messrs. W. B. Deacon and John Ward of Shediac built the lighthouse, which consisted of a square, wooden tower, attached to a dwelling, under a contract for $1,650.  The lighthouse tower measured thirty-six feet high from base to vane, and its fixed white light was exhibited at a height of forty-five feet above high water.  picture courtesy of DF&O, Drews Head Lighthouse,Beaver Harbour,New Brunswick

Ezra Munro was appointed the first keeper of Drews Head Lighthouse at an annual salary of $250, and he made the inaugural lighting of the tower’s lamps on January 15, 1876.

Drews Head Lighthouse,Beaver Harbour,New Brunswick

Munro cleared the lighthouse property and built a small wharf for landing supplies. In 1892 David Eldridge was paid $30 for making sixty-three rods (300 metres) of road from the lighthouse to the public road. In 1900, a hand foghorn was supplied to Keeper John C. Conley to be used whenever the fog signals of vessels in the vicinity of the stations were heard.

Drews Head Lighthouse,Beaver Harbour,New Brunswick

A seventh-order lens and lamp were substituted for the antiquated lamps and reflectors in 1905. The new lamp burned petroleum vapour under an incandescent mantle to produce a fixed white light that could be seen ten miles. In 1915, a fourth-order lamp was installed in the lantern room. Drews Head Lighthouse,Beaver Harbour,New Brunswick

The original combination dwelling and tower at Drews Head was replaced by a skeletal tower in the late 1960s, and the present fibreglass tower in 1984.

Drews Head Lighthouse,Beaver Harbour,New Brunswick

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