Built in 1962 by Geo. T. Davie & Sons Ltd (little Davie) in Lauzon, now Lévis, QC, the W.N. Towlan was designed for service in the port of Churchill, MB for the National Harbours Board. It was a twin screw vessel with two 700 BHP Gebr. Stork engines, two firefighting monitors rated at 1400 GPM at 150 psi, and a towing winch.

W.N.Twolan,Toronto,tug,great lakes

It was also capable of working in ice, and was built to Lloyds Ice class 2. Its work at Churchill was to act as a pilot boat, and ship berthing tug, and was expected to work clearing ice at berths and other general port work. To accommodate pilots it was fitted with 10 crew berths and four spares.

In 1995 W.N.Twolan was acquired,along with the barge McAllister 132, by a numbered company in Thunder Bay, ON doing business as ABM Marine, The company was associated with Buchanan Forest Products. The barge was set up to carry timber and packaged lumber and fitted with a high control house to see over the mountainous deck loads and to control the tug, which usually pushed from the stern.

  • Year Built: 1962
  • Length x Breadth: 27 m X 9 m
  • Gross Tonnage: 298
  • Dead Weight: 81 t
  • Speed 9.9 knots
  • Call Sign: VCJM

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