I had no idea what Wollastonite was before I stopped here to take a picture of the inuksuk wearing sunglasses, and then did a bit of snooping about on Google.

Wollastonite,inuksuk,Canadian Wollastonite

Named after the English chemist and mineralogist William Hyde Wollaston, Wollastonite is a calcium inosilicate mineral (CaSiO3) that forms when impure limestone or dolostone is subjected to high temperature and pressure sometimes in the presence of silica-bearing fluids as in skarns or contact metamorphic rocks.

Wollastonite is used primarily in ceramics, brakes and clutches, metal making, paint filler, and plastics.

Wollastonite,inuksuk,Canadian Wollastonite

Canadian Wollastonite is a company focused on the commercial development of a high grade Wollastonite deposit located north of the St. Lawrence River in Ontario. The St. Lawrence deposit is situated approximately one kilometer south of the municipality of Seeley’s Bay, and it straddles the boundary between the City of Kingston and the municipality of Leeds and the Thousand Islands.

The size of the depositis estimated at over nine million tons, and when it is fully developed, it will be the first active source of Wollastonite production in Canada.

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