Nova Scotia Textiles

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A view of the former Nova Scotia Textiles factory in Windsor

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Thumb Hill Creek

I had been meaning to explore the white cliffs that are just to the north of Highway 101 and St. Croix – I found the time to poke about so I did.


At first, I thought this was the St. Croix River and that the cliffs were exposed gypsum. Nope – this is actually Thumb Hill Creek and the cliffs are exposed limestone. My mistake was due to the highway crossing a river, with a place name of St.Croix River, and then assuming that this section was part of the St.Croix.


Google is my friend when I research such things, both for maps and links to information about what I am looking at. The satellite view of the area cleared up the name of this section of river.



The limestone cliffs


Thumb Hill Creek flowing under Rock Road


Looking to the west toward the St. Croix River

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The beauty of ice


At the top of a cliff towering over the shoreline, freezing rain and spray from the Bay of Fundy coated trees and bushes with ice in a multitude of patterns.



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A little beach in Morden

It’s not entirely correct to call this a little beach but, I did.

This section of the Bay of Fundy shoreline is accessible at the junction of Lower Street and Wharf Road in Morden.


It’s a nice place to relax, maybe do a bit of beachcombing, walk about with a camera or two and maybe a nice sammich.

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Falmouth Fruit Company Warehouse

There’s a bit of history about 100 meters south of Highway 100 – to be precise, it’s located at Mile 33.19 from Windsor Junction on the Halifax Subdivision of the Dominion Atlantic Railway. That’s smack dab in Falmouth, sort of…


I have often passed by this building while heading to and from important places to do important things, and I finally found the time to stop and take a look at the old brick warehouse along the rail line.


The warehouse was built in 1906 by E.E. Armstrong, across from the Falmouth Station. It was later lengthened with a third loading door and then joined together with an even larger new brick tile warehouse built by the Falmouth Fruit Company.


Apple warehouses were the most common trackside structures along the Dominion Atlantic. Over 150 of them were located along the line serving the Apple Trains that were one of the mainstays of DAR operations. Warehouses began to be built in the 1880s and continued as important rail traffic sources until the 1950s.

The Falmouth warehouse closed when the apple export industry declined in the 1940s.1


A small bit of history that I now understand…

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French Cross

If you’re driving along French Cross Road in Morden you might have seen this stone cross. If you like the ocean, or history, you might have read the plaque on the cross and did a bit of internet research to learn more – I did.


There is some interesting history here:

The village of Morden started life as a refuge for a small band of French Acadians fleeing the British expulsion of the French from Nova Scotia in 1755. Under the leadership of one Pierre Melanson and with the help of a local Indian boy, he attempted to move those Acadians across the Bay of Fundy to freedom in New Brunswick. Melanson made a temporary encampment of these Acadians in a place on the Fundy shore, now Morden, in sight of Cape Chignecto and the Isle Aux Haute with plans to move the band by canoe to New Brunswick. However, over the winter of 1755/56 most of them died of disease and starvation and Melanson ultimately also lost his life on a return trip from New Brunswick after making arrangements for their safety. Although the exact number of Acadians who were encamped at this place is unknown, sixty were saved the following day having been transported by canoes to Cape Chignecto into a bay now know as Refugee Cove.

In 1756 a wooden memorial cross of drift wood was erected close to the place where those Acadians died in the winter of 1755. The village that soon grew up around that cross became known as the village of French Cross.

A short history of the village of Morden


Point Brook flowing into the Bay of Fundy below the stone cross on French Cross Road in Morden.


Looking toward Cape Chignectro and Ile Haute

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Bay of Fundy – Kirk Brook

There have been times where I visit a section of the Bay of Fundy shoreline and harbours, and then let the images and video I shoot linger in the ever increasing queue of images and video that need to be processed.


Beautiful places, often found sort of by chance, and more often by plain blind luck. Wonderful places, but for the life of me I usually can’t remember where they were beyond somewhere on the Minas Channel.

In this case I know exactly where I was, thanks to the nerdy cool stuff on the Internet. This was at 45° 5′ 19.92″ N, 64° 58′ 19.02″ W, northeast of Margaretville, southwest of Harbourville, and quite close to Morden.


Kirk Brook flowing under French Cross road and entering the Bay of Fundy

There I was – shooting stills and video, having a grand time on a beautiful section of beach that was all mine. Perfect.

And some video…

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Down by the bay…

I love the Bay of Fundy – this is not surprising as I love the ocean, and am fortunate to be able to visit the ocean on two of the Canadian coasts.


This small section of the shore along the Nova Scotia side of the Bay of Fundy is a bit of a bother to get to, as it is accessed by what could loosely be described as a road. The road is Bishop Mountain Road, and while much of it is paved or decent gravel, the last kilometer is pretty much 4×4 territory.


The small brook is Bishop Brook, so I call this Bishop Beach. It’s a quiet section of the shoreline with much to see.


It’s well worth the drive, and you could park a car at the start of the rough section of road and then walk the rest of the way.


One of the smaller sea caves


While walking the cobble beach can be a bit challenging there, is much to see and lots of things to poke about.


More waves and another sea cave


And my favorite sea cave


Poking about in the sea caves is interesting, but, it’s really not safe as the cliffs are fractured and tend to collapse. I went in, and then got out pretty fast.


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Fall colours

Fall colours on a beautiful day…

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Lucky Duck I

Nova Scotia,Lunenburg County,Lockeport,Highway 331 – Nova Scotia,fish boat

The fishing boat Lucky Duck I in Lockeport

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