360° Seagulls

seagulls,VR,360°,Point Holmes,nature.Comox

Above, this image of seagulls looks like a normal panoramic image shot with a camera or a cellphone. Looking closer, the curvature of straight lines and the blur at the bottom are a give away that this was shot with a 360° camera – in this case,  a Safari 360.

Below, the image straight out of the camera – two 180° fisheye images that the camera software will assemble into the spherical (Equirectangular) panoramic image above.

seagulls,VR,360°,Point Holmes,nature.Comox

If you look at the images, you can see some parts of the legs of the little tripod that I used to position the camera off of the ground. That’s “some parts” and not all parts, as the construction of the camera creates a rectangular blind spot beneath it. Although it’s just a bit of tripod, it’s annoying as I don’t want to have the tripod included in my 360° images. Worse yet, the finished images are blurry at the bottom (and top) as the camera software can’t fully correct for the distortion caused by the use of spherical lenses – but what the heck – I have Photoshop and can fix some of this.

seagulls,VR,360°,Point Holmes,nature.Comox

Before and after a bit of Photoshop-fu

seagulls,VR,360°,Point Holnes,nature.Comox

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