Forbidden Plateau – Dry and red

Forbidden Plateau has always been a bit of a mystery to me so I took a little trip up to poke about, and then later poked about to find out what I could about the name.


Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, two feuding tribes went up to the plateau to work out their differences, peacefully everyone thought. Apparently one tribe “fell” off the side of the mountain and the tribe elders forbade anyone in the tribe to visit the plateau—hence the name.


Interesting, as is the red soil that coats much of the area I was hiking about in – it was a hot and dry day and there was a red coating on all of the vegetation and much of me.

Forbidden Plateau,Comox,Strathcona

Although there had been no rain for about a month when I hiked in the area, there were plenty of clouds to block the view to the east – I’ll return another day and try to get a clear shot, perhaps in the winter when snow coats the same vegetation.

Forbidden Plateau,Comox,Strathcona

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