On the rocks – an abandoned boat

Baynes Sound,ocean,Government Dock,Fanny Bay,ships,abandoned boats

There is a growing problem in British Columbia with people, and companies, abandoning boats – walking away from them rather than disposing of them in an environmentally friendly and legal manner.

To be fair, there are cases where the owner does not know that their boat has gone adrift and is on the rocks – that being said, if I had a boat I’d be checking it regularly.

It’s not like you can just leave an old fiberglass runabout on your curb with the rest of the recycling – it has to be towed to a facility that can either repair it or grind it up into bits that will wind up in a landfill. Many choose to strip out the good parts and then just walk away, or allow the boat to float away and become the problem of someone else.

Baynes Sound,ocean,Government Dock,Fanny Bay,ships,abandoned boats

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