Saanich Inlet from the Malahat

Driving over the Malahat is a fact of life for residents of Vancouver Island as it’s the only practical way to travel between Victoria and just about anywhere north on the island.

 Malahat,Saanich Inlet,Highway 1,Island Highway,Saltspring Island

This section of Highway 1, aka the Island Highway or the Trans Canada Highway, is a twisty, up down and don’t go in the ditch section of road as one side is rock going up, and the other side is rock going down into the waters of Saanich Inlet. It’s a pain in the rain, fog, or snow, and it’s often closed for hours due to accidents.

On the other hand, the view from the summit or northern view point is awesome on a day that is free from rain, fog, or snow. The image below links too a much larger version.

Malahat,Saanich Inlet,Highway 1,Island Highway,Saltspring Island

Looking toward Saanich, the mainland, and Saltspring Island

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