Comox Lake – Low water


Comox Lake,Puntledge River recreation area,dam,BC Hydro

I took a trip out to visit the BC Hydro Comox Lake Dam while the level of Comox Lake was low due to maintenance on the Puntledge River Generating Station – this was a good opportunity to see parts of the lake, and the Puntledge River that are normally covered by water.

Comox Lake,Puntledge River recreation area,dam,BC Hydro

Comox Lake has a surface area of  2,100 ha, a maximum depth of 109 m and a mean depth of 61 m – normally the water level is between 136.146 m above sea level (asl), and 130.493 m asl.

Comox Lake,Puntledge River recreation area,dam,BC Hydro

The Comox Dam is a concrete gravity dam, 142 m long, 10.7 m high with a crest elevation of 137.55 m.

Comox Lake,Puntledge River recreation area,dam,BC Hydro

Downstream from the dam



Comox Lake Dam at low water

Remember that this area is located at or near working dams and power stations that contain both natural and man-made hazards. Please play safe and read all posted signs and warnings.

  • Hydroelectric facilities can be dangerous. For your safety, obey all posted signs, and avoid the hazard areas above and below Comox Lake Dam, Puntledge Diversion Dam and the Puntledge Powerhouse.
  • Boaters in Comox Lake reservoir should be aware of shallow channels, exposed stumps and floating debris.
  • Water releases may occur suddenly without warning downstream of the Puntledge River Diversion Dam. This increases currents and creates hazards for recreational river users.
  • If you hear a siren that means the water level is rising fast. Keep out of the river channel area.

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