MV Quinitsa – Buckly Bay

I spotted the MV Quinitsa while looking south down Baynes Sound toward the BC Ferries Buckley Bay ferry terminal.

BC Ferries,Buckley Bay,Baynes Sound,Quinitsa

Pretty… You see stuff such as this if you take the time to slow down, get off the highway, and get out of the car,

BC Ferries,Buckley Bay,Baynes Sound,Quinitsa

Separating Denman Island and Vancouver Island, Baynes Sound is a narrow western off-shoot of the Strait of Georgia. The 40 km sound runs between Chrome Island and Tree Island at the northern end of Denman . For the most part it is less than 2 km wide, with the widest section of the channel being 3.5 km wide.

Baynes Sound is named after Rear Admiral Robert L. Baynes, who commanded the British Navy Pacific Squadron from 1857 to 1860.

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