Fort Point Museum

Fort Point Museum

Fort Point Museum

Fort Point is located on a narrow point of the LaHave River, across from Kraut Point and Romkey Head on Dublin Bay.

You might think that this being Fort Point, that the lighthouse would be the Fort Point Lighthouse. Nope, Fort Point Lighthouse is to the south in Liverpool. What look lighthouses are not even navigation aids – they are just part of the museum.

Fort Point Museum

The museum, located in a former lighthouse keeper’s cottage

The point is enriched by over 400 years of history, starting when Champlain arrived in 1604. The point became the first capital of New France, when a French settlement was established by the Lieutenant General and Viceroy of New France, Isaac de Razilly. 


Fort Sainte Marie de Grace

Fort Point is also the location of Fort Sainte Marie de Grace National Historic Site. While the land where the original fort was located has eroded away, a Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada cairn is located near the original location of the fort. Interestingly, the National Historic Site designation only refers to the footprint of the cairn.

The site of the fort was registered as an historic site on 4 June 1924.

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