Comox Lake – we have killed it


The water level on Comox Lake was quite low so I decided to explore a bit of the area to the southeast of the Comox Lake Logging bridge over the channel leading to the BC Hydro dam forebay area.

It’s sad, and disgusting, what has been done to what was once a pristine area. Logging, electricity generation, and coal mining coupled with greed and a lack of forethought has led to a pillaging of the lake, a kill-off of salmon stock, and frequent water quality issues.

People use this as a dumping ground, a sewer, and as a place to wantonly destroy nature. Ignorance coupled with horsepower and a sense of self entitlement is a dangerous thing.

It could be repaired, but never will be as the demands for water and electricity are too great. I did not make this mess, and I am powerless to correct it.

That is sad…


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