Georgina Point lighthouse

The Active Pass Light Station lighthouse Georgina Point on the northern tip of Mayne Island marks the entrance to Active Pass. Part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Georgina Point is located between Maude Bay and Oyster Bay.


Georgina Point,lighthouse,Acitve Pass, Mayne Island,Georgia Strait

The light station was built in 1885 to warn ships of the reefs and rough waters of Active Pass. The original 1885 lighthouse was replaced in 1940 by a square keeper’s dwelling surmounted by a lantern room. In 1969, a cylindrical concrete structure topped by a lantern and galley was constructed to serve as the lighthouse, but the square dwelling was retained to house the keeper. The modern tower has a focal plane of 17.5 metres and flashes a white light every ten seconds. The light can be seen up to 17 nautical miles away.

Active Pass Light Station fell victim to the de-staffing movement when its last keeper, Jean Beaudet, left the station in 1997. Ownership of the property was transferred to the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve in 2006, while the Canadian Coast Guard still has responsibility for the navigational aids.

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