Kiviuq I – ex Tulugarnaq

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Kiviuq I in Lunenburg

Arctic Fisheries Alliances (AFA) owns and operates two 30 metre (99’) steel fixed-gear fishing vessels: the Suvak (ex Genny and Doug) and the Kiviuq. They are sister ships and are equipped with freezing-at-sea capabilities.

The Suvak operates in NAFO divisions 0A and 0B during the summer months, catching AFA’s Nunavut turbot quotas.

The Kiviuq conducts marine research and delivers supplies to AFA’s owner communities during the summer and fishes Atlantic halibut off Newfoundland on the Grand Banks in the winter.

AFA acquired a subsidiary company in 2015, called Arctic Fishery Alliance Inc. It is 100% owned by AFA LP and operates as a for-profit stand-alone company to manage the Kiviuq’s marine research activities.

AFA is Nunavut’s first 100% Inuit owned fishing enterprise.

  • Built: June 1987, Pictou Industries Limited
  • Material: Steel
  • Length (m): 28.53
  • Net Tonnage: 199.38
  • Gross Tonnage: 346.03
  • Vessel Breadth (m): 7.77
  • Vessel Depth (m): 5.30
  • Speed (knots): 12.0
  • Propulsion Power: 625
  • Fish Hold Size (t): 165

The story does not end here…

Genny and Doug, hull#223 , official number 808234 was built for
Jonathan & Amy Fish, and later renamed Suvak.

Atlantic Prospect, hull# 224, official number  808647 was built for Pierce Fisheries Ltd, and later renamed Tulugarnaq, and now Kiviuq I

The shipyard in Pictou was originally called Pictou Iron Foundry & Machine Shop and dated from the establishment of a marine railway at this site in 1851.  A World War II emergency shipyard was initially started under their management, but Foundation Maritime took over almost immediately and operated the yard until the end of the war.

This allowed Pictou to concentrate on urgent repair work.  Pictou Foundry took over the yard at the end of the war and continued shipbuilding, starting a new hull list at #101.  The firm was renamed Ferguson Industries Ltd in 1952, Pictou Industries Ltd in 1986 and continued to operate until 1993. 

It was acquired by Aecon in 2008 and reactivated, with considerable capital investment, as Aecon Atlantic Industrial, Inc.

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