Tsolum River bridge

When I first moved back to the Comox Valley I had thought that there were two bridges that could take me across the river and into Courtenay – this was of course incorrect as there are more than two bridges and both ends of the 5th Street and 17th Street Bridges are well and truly in Courtenay.

Tsolum River,bridge,Headquarters,merville,Bailey Bridge

Tsolum River, Farnham Road

I can also sneak into Courtenay by crossing the Tsolum River at Condensory Road, Dove Creek Road, or here at Farnham Road. If I was in the mood for a longer trip I could drive along highway 19A into Campbell River and then come back along Highway 19 as long as I don’t get distracted by Mt Washington, Strathcona or the fossil beds at Oyster River.

Bridges… lots of them on the Island.

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