Carter Island Lighthouse

Carter Island Lighthouse

Carter Island Lighthouse

Carter Island is situated about 0.4 miles north of Cranberry Island in the approach to Lockeport Inner Harbour. 

In 1982, after caretakers for the historic structures on the island could not be found on Carter Island, the lighthouse and all outbuildings save the fog signal building were demolished.


The current fiberglass circular tower stands 9.1 meters tall and is marked with two red horizontal stripes. Carter Island is one of five small island within Lockporte Harbour, and its flashing white light guides vessels into the inner harbour.

A light is shown at an elevation of 49 feet (15 m) from a white circular tower 30 feet (9.1 m) high, with two red bands, on Carter Island.

  • 1930 – replaced original tower of 1872
  • 1941 – 5th order dioptric lens, fixed red, 8m, hand fog horn
  • 1964 – 5th order drum lens, kerosene – 1973 – still manned at this time
  • 1989 – replaced by present fibreglass light
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