Across Canada – a moving experience

A bit of a mystery here, as I had a difficult time researching what I was looking at in this time-lapse video shot across Ontario Highway 11 from an interpretive trail. Google maps thinks this area is Hardrock Mines or Macleod. It might be, but according to the Ontario government, this is the MacLeod-Cockshutt Gold Mine Head Frame, in Geraldton, Ontario.

MacLeod-Cockshutt Gold Mines Ltd, was incorporated in 1933, and in the spring of 1934, the company sank No. 1 shaft. In 1936 the company sank No. 2 shaft.

The MacLeod-Cockshutt gold mine started operations in 1938, with the first gold brick being poured on 19 May, 1938. The mine was operated or for 32 years, producing 180,576 ounces of gold before closing in July of 1970. 

Another small piece of Canada…

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