Down by the bay…

I love the Bay of Fundy – this is not surprising as I love the ocean, and am fortunate to be able to visit the ocean on two of the Canadian coasts.


This small section of the shore along the Nova Scotia side of the Bay of Fundy is a bit of a bother to get to, as it is accessed by what could loosely be described as a road. The road is Bishop Mountain Road, and while much of it is paved or decent gravel, the last kilometer is pretty much 4×4 territory.


The small brook is Bishop Brook, so I call this Bishop Beach. It’s a quiet section of the shoreline with much to see.


It’s well worth the drive, and you could park a car at the start of the rough section of road and then walk the rest of the way.


One of the smaller sea caves


While walking the cobble beach can be a bit challenging there, is much to see and lots of things to poke about.


More waves and another sea cave


And my favorite sea cave


Poking about in the sea caves is interesting, but, it’s really not safe as the cliffs are fractured and tend to collapse. I went in, and then got out pretty fast.


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