Falmouth Fruit Company Warehouse

There’s a bit of history about 100 meters south of Highway 100 – to be precise, it’s located at Mile 33.19 from Windsor Junction on the Halifax Subdivision of the Dominion Atlantic Railway. That’s smack dab in Falmouth, sort of…


I have often passed by this building while heading to and from important places to do important things, and I finally found the time to stop and take a look at the old brick warehouse along the rail line.


The warehouse was built in 1906 by E.E. Armstrong, across from the Falmouth Station. It was later lengthened with a third loading door and then joined together with an even larger new brick tile warehouse built by the Falmouth Fruit Company.


Apple warehouses were the most common trackside structures along the Dominion Atlantic. Over 150 of them were located along the line serving the Apple Trains that were one of the mainstays of DAR operations. Warehouses began to be built in the 1880s and continued as important rail traffic sources until the 1950s.

The Falmouth warehouse closed when the apple export industry declined in the 1940s.1


A small bit of history that I now understand…

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