Fanny Bay – clouds on the bay

Fanny Bay,Baynes Sound,Georgia Strait,Highway 19A,time lapse,fish boats 

Usually the best images are a combination of being in the right place at the right time, having the right equipment, and luck. Then there’s the essential element of knowing which image to select, what to do (or not to do…) in terms of cropping and processing, and selecting the correct title, by-line and following story.

Everything pretty much came together in a harmonious and serendipitous way when I decided to stop at Fanny Bay, walked down the wharf, and let one video camera shoot some video of the Sea Lions while the other was aimed toward the boats. The problem is, that I can’t decide which of these two images I prefer…

Fanny Bay,Baynes Sound,Georgia Strait,Highway 19A,time lapse,fish boats

And some video of the clouds over Fanny bay…

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