A swollen river

Puntledge River,BC Hyrdo,Comox Lake,rain, flooding,Vancouver Island


After a summer of little rain and seriously low reservoir levels, a series of storms dumped a lot of rain on the Comox Valley, raising the level of the Comox Lake reservoir to the point where BC Hydro had to start dumping excess water at high rates to prevent flooding later in the season.

This resulted in some high levels on the Puntledge River, with corresponding high river flows that are spectacular, but dangerous and best enjoyed from a safe distance…

Puntledge River,BC Hyrdo,Comox Lake,rain, flooding,Vancouver Island

This is good advice – one look at the river should be enough to convince people to stay out of the river.

More images…

And some video shot at BC Hydro’s Comox Lake dam, and the Duncan Bay Main Line logging road bridge at Stotan Falls.

And a time lapse of the Puntledge.

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