The crash site

I was hiking across the fields at HCMS Quadra when I came across an air plane crash site with the remains of what was once a pretty little Piper Cherokee.


This was in March 2014 – a bit of snow on the hills and just a few traces on the ground.



This portion of land is known as the Goose Spit Training Area, and is often used by Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Technicians for medical training exercises.

Goose Spit,HMCS Quadra,air planes,nature,not your normal view

I returned in June of 2014, and discovered that the air plane had been replaced with this one that was larger, and marked with a fictitious aircraft registration.



Goose Spit,HMCS Quadra,air planes,nature,not your normal view

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  1. chelsea says:

    I was there this summer and all the pieces are still there my friend and I came across them in our hike for the beach, we just assumed that the SARs team uses them for training purposes, that’s the best assumption we came up with no one really knew anything about it when we asked

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